I explore the intersection of technologypeople and work. I often focus on issues of design and processes. I usually work with particularly large organizations (such as Woolworths, SAP, Hilti, Commonwealth Bank, Federal Police, Lufthansa, Ubisoft, federal and state governments) or with particularly small organizations (“start-up”). Amongst others, I study how the work systems of large organizations can be redesigned through digital innovations, or how tech startups design their ventures to bring digital products to the market. I also study how work processes need to be redesigned when technology, culture, or both, change. I am a field researcher and use quantitative, qualitative and mixed field methods in my work. My current interests include:

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PhD/doctoral thesis supervisions


  • Bradley Kalgovas
  • Kjell Herzig
  • Gregor Albrecht
  • Annika Reinelt
  • Anjuli Franz
  • Nane Winkler
  • Charlotte Wendt
  • Dominick Werner
  • Lea Müller
  • Konstantin Röthke
  • Jonas Toutaoui
  • Evgheni Croitor
  • David Schneider


  • Julian Löbbers
  • Elena Davcheva
  • Viktoria Kemper
  • Nils Siegfried
  • Sören Wallbach
  • Johannes Klumpe
  • Martin Adam
  • Tillmann Grupp
  • Ingmar Haffke
  • Miglena Amirpur
  • Oliver Koch
  • Ferdinand Thies
  • Michael Wessel
  • Tobias Goldbach
  • Nicole Nohl
  • Marco Link